Call for Application – Words Reflect the World

Call for Application – Words Reflect the World
Call for Application—The Faculty of Social Sciences kindly invites all ELTE-MA/MSc and -PhD students to participate in its annual text analytics competition. The  application deadline has been extended. The new submission deadline is March 30., 2020. 

In empirical social sciences research, text-based data analytics is becoming more and more prevalent, which a) provides broad access to digital data sources and b) ignites large-scale interdisciplinary research projects through the fields of psychology, linguistics, data science, etc. Applicants are expected to hand in papers that investigate social/sociological problems through analysis related to text, discourse, and narrative.

The curators of the application are: Renáta Németh & Péter Bodor.


MA/MSc and PhD students of ELTE’s any faculty. 


  • Papers written by an individual or more co-authors
  • Papers written in Hungarian or English
  • Papers should be based on findings delivered by methodological text analytics
  • Methodology: classical quantitative or qualitative methods related to natural language processing
  • Evaluation of the papers will be based on the quality of research content and methodology
  • The professional team who evaluates the papers will forward the best works to the editorial board of Szociológiai Szemle for further evaluation—with the intent of broader publication

Formal expectations

  • Papers to be handed in mustn’t have been published prior
  • Papers should be 15 000–40 000 characters long and should follow the standards of an internationally acclaimed manual


The application deadline has been extended! Please send the papers to until March  30, 2020.


The winner will be awarded with a scholarship of HUF 100 000.

The second and third best papers will be awarded with scholarships of HUF 60 000 and 40 000 respectively.

Books will be awarded as well by publishing co. L’Harmattan.

Special award: Free annual SentiOne acces. SentiOne is a top-notch social/online listening platform, about which you can learn more from here.


This application is funded by the EU-funded Hungarian grant EFOP-3.6.3-VEKOP-16-2017-00007. 

L’ Harmattan Könyvkiadó, Budapest


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