EFOP 3.4.3

In accordance with the objectives stated in the EFOP-winning application of ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences, a comprehensive educational development project is being implemented between 2017 and 2020, with a budget of approx. HUF 55M. In line with the long-term strategic goals of the EFOP-3.4.3.-16-2016-00011 project titled “Expediting higher education accessibility; developing a complex and sustainable environment to support education; reinforcing innovative education at ELTE premises,” the following deliverables are to be implemented:
Improving the practical content of our existing training programs, in order to mitigate dropping out, as well as to transfer labor-market-fit competencies and knowledge.
Liaise between private, public and civil sector experts, integrating their experience and expertise into our training programs.
Post-graduate training course system- and content-development—in correspondence with the demands of life-long- and distance-learning. Short-time and weekend courses are available for full-time employees, as well.
Developing online and distance learning programs.
Developing innovative digital class rooms. 
Above these goals, the faculty also contributes to the following university-level objectives: MOOC (massive open online course) curriculum development, and univeristy-level research to detect the causes of dropping out, and planning preventive and mitigating interactions against dropping out.

Strategic projects