studies/master/health - principles

Students should be familiar with the basic terms of economic evaluations. They learn the main types of economic evaluations, the major steps of conducting economic evaluations. They will be familiarised with the applicability of economic evaluation and health technology assessment to improve the allocative efficiency of health care systems.

Main themes:

  • applicability of economic evaluations in evidence based health policy;
  • classification of economic evaluations;
  • cost-minimization and cost-effectiveness analysis;
  • cost-utility analysis;
  • cost-benefit analysis;
  • budget impact analysis;
  • steps of economic evaluation;
  • selection of comparator;
  • measurement of health gain;
  • measurement of costs;
  • discounting;
  • decision rules;
  • sensitivity analysis;
  • critical appraisal of economic evaluations;
  • major types of economic modelling.