Thanks to the natural sciences we know more and more about the principles of the universe and nature. However, the question arises: What do we know about the changeable, complex, once disappointing, other times enthralling existence, the human being? How can we understand the people and their behaviour, activities, belongings or personalities?

Cultural anthropology is based on this critical and interpretative thinking using approaches and methodology of social sciences. Further speciality of methodology of cultural anthropology the applied perspective of interpretation and field of research, which are based on the particularity of social and cultural practices and significances.
Anthropologists try to understand societies and cultures in their everyday life, micro and personal levels of social interactions and cultural communication. Besides, anthropologists interpret their micro focusing research in a holistic way with comprehensive analyses of the historical and sociological contexts of their field. With this in mind, the students of Cultural Anthropology MA program will be able to get to know in detail theories, approaches, main interests, research topics and results of anthropology from the perspective of the human societies and cultures.
The critical anthropological thinking helps the students to understand the differences and difficulties of social interactions, cultural and inter-cultural communication and their significances in a sensitive and interpretative way. As a result, the students will be able to apply their social and cultural anthropological knowledge and skills in decisions of the social and economic life, international relations and communication, as well as in their professional carrier.