Short description, aim of program, tracks/specializations

Our program offers rigorous training in the methods and main topics of Economics. Building upon the curricula of the best American and European programs and using up-to-date textbooks, our teaching staff has built a carefully crafted and interconnected set of demanding courses with one goal in mind: to turn every student, prepared to put in the necessary work, into an accomplished young professional who can work as an analyst or as a civil servant for government agencies, who can carry on their studies at the M.A. level towards becoming a researcher or a professor, or who can use their skills and competence in any other field from journalism to business to data analysis. Many of our faculty have studied or worked abroad, and we pride ourselves in providing a nurturing environment with small classes and open doors. Our courses range from the obligatory staples (Mathematics, Statistics, Micro-, Macroeconomics, Econometrics) to applied elective courses, usually including hands-on work with data, offered by some of the best research economists of Budapest.

Strength of the program

Our program stands out by taking the quality of teaching very seriously, striving to improve and listening to feedback from students; by especially stressing quantitative methods, preparing students for the careers of the future requiring data analysis; by the faculty being involved in a multitude of research projects into areas as diverse as health economics, behavioral economics and education economics that ambitious students can join as research assistants early on; by listening to a network of prestigious peers (including our international advisory board, the Economics faculty of Central European University and some of the most excellent research economists of Hungary) as well as the growing cohorts of our loyal alumni all over the world; and by close links to a number of internationally recognized institutions that apply Economics in their work including policy think tanks and applied research centers, whose senior researchers often offer elective courses and where our students can work as interns or after graduation.