Short description, aim of program, tracks/specializations

The goal of this programme is to offer to students the opportunity to develop specialized knowledge in international politics, security studies, EU politics, ethnic conflict, global justice and human rights. It enables them to understand and analyze complex political and social dynamics that go beyond state borders and cultural boundaries. The structure of the programme offers to students the opportunity to choose from a wide range of elective seminars, following introductory courses in the first academic year.

This programme is recommended to applicants who are interested in social sciences and politics, and are particularly keen to understand how the modern World works, also how globalization has affected our societies. The programme offers basic introduction to the social sciences, from Sociology to Law and Economics with a special focus on International Relations, and thereby prepares students to continue their studies for the MA programmes in the field of social sciences in general, also in international relations and politics in particular.   

This programme enables students to pursue a carrier in fields where a good knowledge and comprehension of the globalized World is required, starting from journalism, public services and international organizations to private companies. 

Strength of program

In addition to giving students grounding in history and theory, the BA programme in International Studies teaches future graduates about international politics, the European Union and equips them with practical knowledge that can be used in almost all countries around the World.
The knowledge acquired during the undergraduate courses lays the foundation for the MA in International Studies and other postgraduate qualifications in social sciences. Applicants will ideally be interested in social sciences and in the links between different countries, peoples and institutions and be keen to use their language skills.
We encourage our students to work independently and to solve tasks in teams. We rely on modern methodologies – including simulations – and we believe that adaptability and self-reflexivity are crucial in today’s fast changing World. Our aim is to give our students skills that they can be readily used wherever they seek employment after graduation.