Travel Grant for Participation at Conferences 2023

Travel Grant for Participation at Conferences 2023
The acceptance of travel grant applications has been suspended since May 22, 2023 due to the exhaustion of funds.
ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences calls for applications for funding conference attendance in Hungary or abroad. PhD Students of the Faculty may apply until 24:00, 15th August 2023.

Downloadable documents:

Submission guidelines:

Applications must be submitted via email with the application form (in Word form) and supporting documents (in Pdf form) to no later than 24:00, 15th August 2023. Applications arriving after the deadline will not be accepted. Please mark your email with the subject line “Travel Grant 2023” and your name.

The conference you would like to attend cannot be held later than 30th October 2023.

The maximum sum to apply for is 250 000 HUF.

The rating of applications is continuous. The application must be submitted at least 75 days before the conference.
PhD students can apply for funding only in the case of active participation (delivering a paper or presenting a poster) at scientific conferences. 

Having an abstract approved by the organizers of the conference is an advantage.

Documents to be submitted:

  • application form 
  • a letter of recommendation written by the applicant’s supervisor
  • MTMT2 publication list
  • if available: abstract approved by the organizers of the conference

Further requirements:

  • You need to have handed in a report on any previous conference you attended if it was supported by the Faculty.
  • Active student status (when submitting the application and during the implementation).
  • If you offer a course at the Faculty, its details (topic, evaluation method, literature, etc.) should be available in the Neptun system. (For assistance, please contact the Doctoral School at

Please read before submitting your application: About predatory conferences and journals

The payment of registration fees have to be arranged by public procurement procedure. In order to start the procedure please contact the Economic Office at as soon as possible, no later than within 30 days after being notified about the decision.

Please plan your budget carefully because after the decision there is no way to increase the amount of funding.

You are requested to send a short (one-page-long) report to within 15 days after returning from the conference. Please also submit the conference abstract, your PowerPoint presentation, or the text of your presentation attached to the report. In addition, you will have to enclose to your report a certificate of attendance and a few photos (print screen) of yourself taken at the conference. Please note that the short report, the abstract and the photos will be placed on the Faculty’s website. If you fail to submit the report and all the required attachments, you will not be allowed to submit your application for any other grant offered by the Faculty. 

Evaluation Procedure:

Applications will be reviewed and ranked by the Faculty’s Scientific Committee, and the dean will make the decision based on the Scientific Committee’s recommendations. The following aspects will be taken into account in the decision process:

  • Whether the submitted application corresponds with the goals and guidelines indicated in this call for applications.
  • Whether the conference participation can be funded from other sources.
  • Whether the applicant will present a paper or poster at the conference.
  • The professional prestige of the conference.
  • Whether the budget is realistic.
  • Please note that it is an advantage to have your abstract approved by the organizers of the conference.