ELTE has the largest mobility figures for students, academics, and administrative staff among higher education institutions in Hungary. We receive a large number of visitors each year. Therefore, we find it essential to provide our guests with a wide variety of accommodation, so that they can select what suits them most. 

For students

Unlike in other capitals of Europe, accomodation is not troubling in Budapest. Students of ELTE mainly have two options: You can apply for accomodation at one of the dormitories of ELTE (mainly 2-3 bedded rooms) or you can also rent an apartment (as well as a single room in a shared apartment) in the city centre.

Students can request the services of ELTE Housing Office which provides accommodation from the private market at a reasonable price. Students of our faculty may also request help in renting an apartment or applying for a dormitory room from their mentors.

For staff

For incoming academics and administrative staff, we recommend the services of the Guest House of ELTE and of other discount partners of ELTE.